2018-01-08 past is present: outdated media in the making | entry by sven

welcome to 2018, a good start to all of you. a new start like every year, with all the old issues remaining, but new hope and a new schedule that is already full of dates. nevertheless i just want to give a short update. recently i am planning a vinyl release for record of tides. the idea is spinning in my head for months now, above you see me with a dummy version back in october.
i tried to join the vinyl renaissance hype, but it does not make sence for me. i was pretty much into compact discs, but even if they feature a great artwork it is not easy to sell them, discs seem to bout somehow. the digital download thing is up to date and works pretty good. next to there is a bunch of people who want to own a copy, something physical, like an artwork.
what i like about vinyl is the physical aspect of it, you can even send it to space with an explanation how to use it, so aliens can join your music (or whatever you might put on a golden record).

so even if the medium is a kind of outdated it is coming back, but only to those who are really into music, so much that they take the time to sit down in front of the player watching the fragile set up of needle and track and simply listen to music. somehow the medium is part of the music and it´s connection to people.

however, zany music will release a very limited and small edition of the 'ganada interface' ep, a four track vinyl featuring two exlusive tracks and two tracks of the upcoming album to be available digitally only. once again, this upcoming release will be the best work i have done in years and it will expand (corresponding to the medium) up to 108 minutes of music. more soon.

if you are interested in getting the record of tides 'garnada interface' ep on vinyl, please tell me via contact[at]svenpiayda.com. it may be sold out shortly after release. the price will be quite high and is not generating profit anyway, just mail for more info.i´ll pack a nice bundle for you anyway!

in spring 2017 zany music put out the 'swan ep' on cd. the opening track is also feauted on 'solna', the rest of the relese is exclusivly released on this limited disc. only a few copies are left, they will be added to the first incoming orders.


more outdated media. i guess my last solo show catalogue did not sell well, nevertheless it still great. having focussed on a new aspect of my work, we are doing a new catalogue. once again, this is not a commercial aspect, i simply had many texts and pictures for making the concept and the upcoming show, it was just obsolete to turn them into a catalogue. prices to be announced.
plus, maybe a catalogue launch/preview event. maybe.

galerie gublia will come up in february with something great, we are busy recently, I hope to see you there! some previews of know works to return and some impressions from the gallery...


‘spirit with thorne’ made a big impression at the kunstmuseum mülheim in the beginning of 2017 and will be part of the upcoming show at galerie gublia. however, this boy seems like an omen dealing with my main issue of this year. nevertheless, I think it is a good piece.

record of tides compilation album 'driftings' via /CAMP. the release is not a new album but a compilation of old and recent tracks. it features tracks from recent sessions as well as material released as sellafield which has not been avaialable digitally or is available now in any other way. the mp3 download bundle also features alternative versions of tracks releaseed as penrose delta (also not available anymore) and is completed by a track from a session featuring michael knak from 2015 (check the journal: 2015-07-27 annual gifts, new recordings and bad aliens | entry by sven).

get all info and tracklist in the releases section, check ot driftings.
you will get the album for free via /CAMP, please make sure you´ll have a password! find out about /CAMP sign up here.


record of tides´ third full length album 'solna' is out on the hamburg based netlabel kreislauf.org. the album is available as digital version only and can be streamed and downloaded via archive.org and sonicsquirrel.org.

listen to and download the album on

also check label and microsite, as well as facebook site and event:
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