sven piayda biography

sven piayda is a visual artist working with photography, video, sound and computer generated imagery. having studied arts, crafts and design (gestaltungstechnik) in essen, technology has a fixed role in all pieces, being a carrier of meaning, never ending in itself.
his works reflect the possabilities of the medium by seducing the viewer to triggered memories while evoking media criticism by questioning the abilities and disabilities of the work telling something about the world — or even the viewer. his pieces often quote art or media history, playing with a postmodernistic idea of remixing or mirroring the process of image production and consumption. appearing simple at first glance, piayda´s work reveals meta-levels in reconsideration.
his works have been shown in galleries, museums, kunstvereine, off-spaces as well as at film festivals mostly in germany and also worldwide. next to making shows piayda also collects art by fellowship artists and works on new ways for enhancing collections and trading artworks. he also holds lectures on digital art and teaches digital production in sound and vision. in 2016 piayda recieved the ruhrpreis für kunst und wissenschaft (promotion prize) as founded by mülheim an der ruhr, germany.

next to the visual output, piayda has been recording and playing live with bands and projects of different musical styles like dissident(en) club, the flamma piayda complex, mmaakkee, renert trio and AESTATE. he has also released solo works as record of tides, Sellafield., penrose delta, xcrmntr (for one track) and SVEN.
AESTATE´s live performances have been very rare and they were never about reproduction, more about pushing the material forward, about transformation or installation.
in 2015 AESTATE recieved the hungertuch art award in the music category. after a waiting period of twelve years he also released a second album with his solo project record of tides in 2016 and has added a new release to the catalogue in 2017. recently he focusses his effort on the audiovisual electronica project record of tides in releasing music, doing visual art shows, playing live and (hard)deejaying.

the official site became an important basement of his work, it features information and downloads, up-to-date news and a blogesque journal. also featurs the compleate and growing portfolio as well as exclusive material and previews via /CAMP.

sven piayda has been represented by ikosaeder gallery in essen and galerie143, dortmund, germany. he is recently without gallery representation but certain works are or have been available from galerie gublia, essen; galerie an der ruhr, mülheim/ruhr and galerie jutta kabuth, gelsenkirchen as well as sven piayda studio. piayda releases music via, pinmusik, crazy language, illphabetik, digital kunstrasen and zany music.
he lives and works in mülheim an der ruhr, germany and kirchberg plateau, luxembourg.