2021-10-10 – 2022-01-09 sven piayda | 'twisted ring' at 'WOW - made in OB' at ludwiggalerie schloss oberhausen

sven piayda | twisted ring

ludwiggalere schloss oberhausen, oberhausen
2021-10-10 – 2022-01-09
opening 2021-10-10, 2 pm

konrad-adenauer-allee 46



2021-10-10 – 2021-12-05 sven piayda | 'future perfect (lvb#10)' at 'das runde' at kunstmuseum temporär (a.k.a. kunstmuseum mülheim an der ruhr)

sven piayda | future perfect (lvb#10)

kunstmuseum temporär, mülheim an der ruhr
2021-10-10 – 2021-12-05
opening 2021-10-09, 6 pm

schloßstraße 28-30
mülheim an der ruhr

tue - fri 10 am to 6 pm
sat - sun 10 am to 2 pm

in his work 'future perfect (lvb#10)', sven piayda dedicates himself to beethoven's unfinished 10th symphony, which was repeatedly sought to be completed - most recently with the help of artificial intelligence. piayda's version translates the fragmentary scores into synthetic sound, which seems as futuristic as it is out-dated. this his version explicitly does not present itself as a questionable attempt at perfection, but as a kind of remix or free interpretation, which comes across like a soundtrack to a dystopian science fiction film - almost as if daniel lopatin (oneothrix point never) had composed a new film score for 'clockwork orange'. kubrik already used beethoven's music for his film.



2021-07-15 – 2021-08-15 sven piayda | 'die entdeckung europas' at 'eurotopia: what is your europe' at halle für kunst steiermark, austria

sven piayda | die entdeckung europas

halle für kunst steiermark, austria
2021-07-15 – 2021-08-15


opening hours
tue – sun, 11am to 6pm

HALLE FÜR KUNST steiermark
burgring 2
8010 graz

+43 316 740084

‘die endeckung europas' takes a look at jupiter's moon europa from the perspective of a space probe orbiting it. the distant namesake becomes a parable: we look from the outside at something very large and recognise its interaction with others who help determine the common balance. at the same time, the search for a new world is always the search for a better world. can europe do justice to this?


2021-03-27 – 2021-03-28 sven piayda | 'abyss' at 'stadt park haus' at kulturzentrum herne (underground car park)

sven piayda | abyss

kulturzentrum herne (tiefgarage)
2021-03-27 – 2021-03-28, 10 am – 6 pm


kulturzentrum herne (tiefgarage)
willi-pohlmann-platz 1
44623 herne

the exhibition STADT PARK HAUS picks up on these impulses and shows works that deal with the theme of nature and contrast with the austere concrete architecture of the underground car park. curator roger rohrbach has put together 18 positions by contemporary artists from north rhine-westphalia. they show paintings, sculptures and objects, installations as well as videos and photographs. participating artists are havin al-sindy, anna lena anton, jaana caspary, young-soo chang, nanja gemmer, nikola hamacher, paulina hoffmann, judith kaminski, stefanie klingemann, vera lossau, ulrich möckel, benjamin nachtwey, karla paredes k., sven piayda, mira sasse, dirk schlichting, maximilian siegenbruk and petra deta weidemann.
STADT PARK HAUS is an exhibition of the emschertal museum in cooperation with the cultural office of the city of herne.

sven piayda contributes a sound piece called 'abyss' (2021). the hour-long audible work slowly fuses lower pitched birdsong with the steadily falling shepard tone, all in the ambient hiss of saturn's rings. into its nadir ring 12 chimes, reflecting the 12 semitone steps of the entire octave retraced downward. the sound installation was created exclusively for ‘stadt park haus’ on request of katrin lieske and contrasts natural sounds with artificial provision and processing in relation to the given space.


2021-02-21 – 2021-02-27 sven piayda | 'spirit with thorn' at 'video kunst ausstellung' at clowns & pferde, essen

sven piayda | spirit with thorn

clowns & pferde, essen
2021-02-21 – 2021-02-27 [2021-02-25]
daily 2pm – 8pm

clowns & pferde, gallery for contemporary art
frankfurter str 33
45145 essen

facebook event

in the black and white video 'spirit with thorn' the camera circles in a slow endless ride around the metallic mirroring sculpture known as ‘boy with thorn’ in the barren martian landscape. the work captures the moment of being stopped. the situation of uncertainty transfers the sculpture in steady persistence, reinforced through the endless loop of the video. by its title and the stony, lifeless landscape the work refers to the mars rover 'spirit', which is stuck in a sand crater since 2009. it is also captured in perpetual perseverance and uncertainty. the metallic reflecting surface of the boy is reminiscent to the T-1000 of the ’terminator 2 ' blockbuster: a superior and seemingly unstoppable killing machine fails on its supposed inferior victim. as often in his video works piayda merges in ‘spirit with thorne’ references to art, science and pop culture, here he quotes a classic motif as contemporary allegory and questions the possibilities of modern technology.

in the context of the pandemic ‘spirit with thorn’ predicts a dark future: as the boy with thorn is the perfect allegory of being trapped with a certain constitution, he has not changed his pose ever since. also mars rover spirit did not manage to get off it´s trap again and still remains in the place it could not leave.

the timing for the return of ‘spirit with thorn’ could not be better: nasa´s new mars rover ‘perseverance’ has landed on mars exploring the planet to search for evidence of life in the past. the screening of ‘spirit with thorn’ on march 25 is a week after the new mission´s landing, hopefully not predicting the future of ‘perseverance’ but reminding of the limitations even in advanced technology.