sound (installations)
___yes yes yes yes yes nope nope nope nope nope, 2017, vinyl, WAV, stereo, 1'40"
___leap second, 2016, WAV, stereo, 1'06"
___broken, 2016, WAV, stereo, 79'45" (loop)
______watch documentary on 'broken' at WAR//IST 2016
___wishing well, 2016, 4xWAV, stereo, 1'34", 1'34", 1'44" and 2'28" (in combination with wishing well sculpture)
___how deep is your love, 2015, WAV, stereo, 80'00" (loop)
___saturn rings, 2014, WAV, stereo, 60'00" (loop)
___la mer, 2013, WAV, stereo, 56'41" (loop)
______watch documentary on 'la mer' at LTK4 2017
___piano strings to drone for eternity, 2013, WAV, stereo, 64'54" (loop)
______watch documentary on 'p s. t. d. f. e.' at TINKRATHER FESTSPIELE 2013

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